Sunday, February 14, 2010



Quite busy for the past few weeks makes me lost the chance in a few issues that attracted me most in recent days. However there is still few things that caught my eyes and make me smile painfully in response. Nevertheless, as usual, in this beloved country, the same issue will pop up again and again attracting a seasonal comments and yet no definitive plan to tackle it namely: throwing the child away for -maybe- a dog or armies of ants.

Everytime this issue pop up, we will read and watch how amazing people shows their shockness with the crime even though we are seeing it almost everyday but with lesser kind of crimes toward the most clean human in this world namely the abandoned babies. Funny isn't it to read and see their comments? Sound like a 1000 times de javu that repeating itself again and again and again. Maybe Dr Mahathir was right when he utters the word "Melayu mudah lupa". Yes, it is partially correct in a sense pathetically.

Of course the issue will go down the drain yet again and maybe we need to wait for another few months to see it pop up again with the same consequences. Boring. I would like to highlight the perpetrator's sense of conscience while doing their job discarding their babies. Most of them throwing their babies near or in front the masjid and in few cases, in the masjid. Only one thing comes into my mind. Definitely the moron have a muslim name even though whatever they do are totally nothing to do with Islam. Are they a Muslim? Most likely because eventhough the Christians are trying to fight the right of using Allah as their official god's name, I don't think they will throw their descendent in front of a mosque.

What are this people thinking? Are they trying to send their child to the mosque so then the child will pray for their wrongdoings? Pledging on their behalf to Allah for forgiveness or what? Such a shameful act by this people should duly be punished heavily but it will never happen. Who do you think will be made responsible? Obviously, the woman eventhough there is no way the child singlehandedly come from only the ovum. The man always get away freely causing this kind of phenomena worsened.

Are they desperate? It look like that but I am not impressed at all. What kind of desperation do they have in the country? There are so many NGOs, bodies, movements in the country that can help. There so many desperates couple who needs children through a proper ways. There are no reason to be afraid. No one will punish them if they ask for help.

The people perception? Who cares? There are thousands of out-of-wedlock child in this country. THOUSANDS. It is not like it happen once in a blue moon. On top of that, thousands of zina and thousands of activities, festivities, spaces, places and supports for whatever kind of sinful things can be done. SO why do they need to make the child suffer? This is a free country. Not that I want them to enjoy making sins but do they need to continuously making it with the most heinous crime of all killing, throwing, discarding your own blood? indespicable.

Can anyone try to bring forth the Islamic ways of doing this? Nah..useless because there will be more voices that against whatever deem islamic. The worst: You will be labelled terrorist if you talk too much about Islam in this current world. Anything islamic seems to be labelled repressive and unfair even for the Muslims. Sadly, even the muslim think the same and I am not surprise if this group of people are the one who deed this heinous crime and do really believe of that.