Thursday, May 7, 2009



An atypical me to write in a black fond color but it is actually the black day for democracy in Malaysia and of course the glorious day for the extreme opposite. as we all know what happen today in perak. it is a combination of utter stupidity but efficient enough to get rid of our persistent try to uphold the justice. see how they drag the speaker from his sit and what on earth is happening in malaysia right now? is this the new way of telling all the people out there that this is the machiavellan era of real politic and not democracy?

believe me, tomorrow we will get all the "explanation" that is trying to negotiate the truth and telling the people out there that the wrong is actually the real truth more than the truth itself. confuse? me too. how can you digest all this utter denial of simple democracy? but to see the way all this thing develop into today, we all know that this kind of things will happen eventhough it is totally a irresponsible act.

i feel ashame that our so called leaders up there acting like this. is this the way they want to teach our future children? what on earth they are doing? is this the only way for them? why are they so desperate? why dont they be a gentleman and give a fresh election? the only reason is they are all chicken out. they are too afraid to fight in a fair manner coz they think they are not only will be 'slaughtered' but worst being dump without being 'eaten'. how can you eat something which is already rotten inside even you see they are running around alive? cant understand? like a chicken zombie. hehehe. kelako la pulak.

the only thing that i can say about them that rationalize their act IS the desperation to cling into power. the desperation that is being driven by utterly disgusting pure greed and the desperation to cover their back. i'm not going into gossiping or rumours but everyone knows how bad they are.

to all the pr elected reps. CONGRATULATIONSSSSS. you all are once again able to show to Malaysian that how ugly the other side is.




Hanya ALLAH sahaja yang tahu betapa rindunya hati kami pada dua orang puteri kesayangan kami..

kebetulan kami berdua menghadiri kursus berdekatan dengan rumah ibu dan ayah saya, lalu kesempatan ini digunakan untuk pulang ke kampung (sambil menumpangkan puteri-puteri kami untuk dijaga oleh tok dan tokwan mereka untuk 2 hari dan 2 malam ini).

semalam sebaik kami pulang dari kursus jam sudah menunjukkan pukul 1030 malam dan anak-anak kami sudah pun tidur di dalam bilik ibu dan ayah saya..tak sempat pun kami nak bermain.

dan awal pagi tadi kami dah pun keluar untuk program selanjutnya..

dengan si adik yang terkodek-kodek minta didukung rindukan maknya, kaklong pula semacam gembira menyangkakan dia akan di bawa bersama masuk ke dalam kereta..dengan penuh semangat dia mengambil kasutnya minta disarungkan..malangnya kami terpaksa meninggalkan mereka sekali lagi...

sebagai tanda kecewa, melihat kami menaiki kereta dan terus meluncur tanpanya, kaklong membaling kasutnya tadi...agh!!umpama pedang tajam menusuk ke jantung, terasa mahu gugur airmata melihatkan kekecewaan kaklong..kaklong tidak menangis, tapi dari pandangan matanya, jelas menunjukkan puteri kami itu kecewa....

aduhai anak-anak mak....tolonglah maafkan mak dan ayah...mak dan ayah ada tanggungjawab terhadap tugas..

malam ini kami memilih untuk menginap di hotel tempat kami berkursus..demi untuk mengelakkan kekecewaan yang sama berulang pagi esok..

kak long zubaidah, adik baraqah...insyaALLAH, esok petang mak dan ayah akan pulang dan esok petang kita ke Pantai Merdeka, ok..?

demi ALLAH, kami amat sayangkan kaklong dan adik..

infiniti penghargaan buat ibu dan ayah saya yang sudi menjaga 'ain zubaidah dan 'ainin baraqah..anakmu ni tak habis-habis lagi 'mengganggu' mak dan ayah walau sudah beranak pinak...

selamat hari ibu buat mak dan everyday is father's day buat ayah...:)

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

the ulama leadership

interestingly, PAS follower increase in fold lately. typically it comes from the traditional muslim follower but interestingly it also see the number of non muslim participation. they come from various background and of course with a different reason why they choose PAS as their party. it was understood before that anyone who want to be with PAS clearly know that they stand for the PAS struggle to make ISLAM as the way of life in Malaysia. i dont think this idea is applicable now. i truly believe not all of them join us for this reason.
believe with the increase of support that PAS gain recently, it come with a heavy burden to our leaders. i believe that many of the supporter are not clear with the struggle. many of them are supporting us because they dont believe in other party. not because they really support our main struggle. part of them are with us because they have a grudge or hatred towards other party. some of them see PAS as the way forward to get power and position in view of the weakness in the traditional malay party namely UMNO.

this group of people of course will jeopardise the foundation of our grassroot supporter. they can be the seeds of rift in our party and maybe they can also tarnish the islamic image that PAS trying to bring out. recently, i follow nik abduh blog and the reaction that he gets from what he wrote. i'm not trying to say that i want to side with him but i just want to comment the reaction from his writing. i found it shameful and sometimes disgusted with the response. the way few of them write did not show the spirit of a muslim people. lots of emotion and half baked story that no one can say is it right or wrong.

this kind of comments can be seen as a typical poor respect towards ulama and ustaz. i saw it as a reflection of our typical rival comments and poor akhlak. i really hope that we will not getting this kind of leaders in PAS later. furthermore, i truly believe, in whatever condition it is, ulama still need to be part of our leadership. i really hope that our tradition of selecting ulama as the leader dont stop. only ulama can guide as towards a better grip of islamic principle. they are the learnt one. they must the core in leadership and focal point in PAS in whatever reason and situation.

i truly believe that in PAS there should be no one more qualified to be on top except this group of 'ahli agama'. whether they are still young or the seasoned one, it does not matter. respect is due for them. i believe that this group of people is not with PAS for wealth and power. if that is what they want, obviously we will know how to handle them. PAS consist of a lot of professional. everyone notice that we have the cream of the muslim society in malaysia. doctors, lawyers, engineers and accountant to say the few. this group of people is the best that any party want to have. they have the brains and the know how in every aspect of profession but i still think that this group has a lacking in the islam know how that the group of ulama and ustaz have.

we have the resources to go far with a massive strength in human capital and i dont see any problem with the helping hand of our religious educated group. the one that show poor respect towards ulama and ustaz should be erased from our group of supporter. of course the ulama and the ustaz is not always right but there is always a way to tell them. obviously the act of condemning is not one of the many ways. we should work hand in hand. in PAS struggle, emotion should not be the engine of our movement. it is based on true believe that only islam is the best for everyone. i believe that emotion and hatred will not get us nowhere. this group will fall on the sideline but make sure they dont bring us together.