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BARAQAH a.k.a UMMU AIMAN - wanita ahli syurga

We do not know precisely how the young Abyssinian girl ended up for sale in Makkah. We do not know her ‘roots’, who her mother was, or her father or her ancestors. There were many like her, boys and girls, Arabs and non-Arabs, who were captured and brought to the slave market of the city to be sold.

A terrible fate awaited some who ended up in the hands of cruel masters or mistresses who exploited their labor to the full and treated them with the utmost harsh ness. A few in that inhuman environment were rather more fortunate. They were taken into the homes of more gentle and caring people.

Barakah, the young Abyssinian girl, was one of the more fortunate ones. She was saved by the generous and kind Abdullah, the son of Abd al-Muttalib. She became the only servant in his household and when he was married, to the lady Aminah, she looked after her affairs as well. Two weeks after the couple were married, according to Barakah, Abdullah’s father came to their house and instructed his son to go with a trading caravan that was leaving for Syria. Aminah was deeply distressed and cried: “How strange! How strange! How can my husband go on a trading journey to Syria while I am yet a bride and the traces of henna are still on my hands.”

Abdullah’s departure was heartbreaking. In her anguish, Aminah fainted. Soon after he left, Barakah said: “When I saw Aminah unconscious, I shouted in distress and pain: ‘O my lady!’ Aminah opened her eyes and looked at me with tears streaming down her face. Suppressing a groan she said: “Take me to bed, Barakah.”

Aminah stayed bedridden for a long time. She spoke to no one. Neither did she look at anyone who visited her except Abd al-Muttalib, that noble and gentle old man. “Two months after the departure of Abdullah, Aminah called me at dawn one morning and, her face beaming with joy, she said to me: “O Barakah! I have seen a strange dream.” “Something good, my lady,” I said.
“I saw lights coming from my abdomen lighting up the mountains, the hills and the valleys around Makkah.”
“Do you feel pregnant, my lady?”
“Yes, Barakah,” she replied. “But I do not feel any discomfort as other women feel.”
“You shall give birth to a blessed child who will bring goodness,” I said.

So long as Abdullah was away, Aminah remained sad and melancholic. Barakah stayed at her side trying to comfort her and make her cheerful by talking to her and relating stories. Aminah however became even more distressed when Abd al-Muttalib came and told her she had to leave her home and go to the mountains as other Makkans had done because of an impending attack on the city by the ruler of Yemen, someone called Abrahah. Aminah told him that she was too grief-striken and weak to leave for the mountains but insisted that Abrahah could never enter Makkah and destroy the Kabah because it was protected by the Lord. Abd al-Muttalib became very agitated but there was no sign of fear on Aminah’s face. Her confidence that the Kabah would not be harmed was well-founded. Abrahah’s army with an elephant in the vanguard was destroyed before it could enter Makkah.

Day and night, Barakah stayed beside Aminah. She said: “I slept at the foot of her bed and heard her groans at night as she called for her absent husband. Her moans would awaken me and I would try to comfort her and give her courage.”

The first part of the caravan from Syria returned and was joyously welcomed by the trading families of Makkah. Barakah went secretly to the house of Abd al-Muttalib to find out about Abdullah but had no news of him. She went back to Aminah but did not tell her what she had seen or heard in order not to distress her. The entire caravan eventually returned but not with Abdullah.

Later, Barakah was at Abd al-Muttalib’s house when news came from Yathrib that Abdullah had died. She said: “I screamed when I heard the news. I don’t know what I did after that except that I ran to Aminah’s house shouting, lamenting for the absent one who would never return, lamenting for the beloved one for whom we waited so long, lamenting for the most beautiful youth of Makkah, for Abdullah, the pride of the Quraysh.

“When Aminah heard the painful news, she fainted and I stayed by her bedside while she was in a state between life and death. There was no one else but me in Aminah’s house. I nursed her and looked after her during the day and through the long nights until she gave birth to her child, “Muhammad”, on a night in which the heavens were resplendent with the light of God.”

When Muhammad was born, Barakah was the first to hold him in her arms. His grandfather came and took him to the Kabah and with all Makkah, celebrated his birth. Barakah stayed with Aminah while Muhammad was sent to the badiyah with the lady Halimah who looked after him in the bracing atmosphere of the open desert. At the end of five years, he was brought back to Makkah and Aminah received him with tenderness and love and Barakah welcomed him “with joy, longing and admiration”. When Muhammad was six years old, his mother decided to visit the grave of her husband, Abdullah, in Yathrib. Both Barakah and Abd al-Muttalib tried to dissuade her. Aminah however was determined. So one morning they set off- Aminah, Muhammad and Barakah huddled together in a small hawdaj mounted on a large camel, part of a huge caravan that was going to Syria. In order to shield the tender child from any pain and worry, Aminah did not tell Muhammad that she was going to visit the grave of his father.

The caravan went at a brisk pace. Barakah tried to console Aminah for her son’s sake and much of the time the boy Muhammad slept with his arms around Barakah’s neck. The caravan took ten days to reach Yathrib. The boy Muhammad was left with his maternal uncles of the Banu Najjar while Aminah went to visit the grave of Abdullah. Each day for a few weeks she stayed at the grave. She was consumed by grief.

On the way back to Makkah, Aminah became seriously ill with fever. Halfway between Yathrib and Makkah, at a place called al-Abwa, they stopped. Aminah’s health deteriorated rapidly. One pitch dark night, she was running a high temperature. The fever had got to her head and she called out to Barakah in a choking voice.

Barakah related: “She whispered in my ear:

‘O Barakah, I shall depart from this world shortly. I commend my son Muhammad to your care. He lost his father while he was in my abdomen. Here he is now, losing his mother under his very eyes. Be a mother to him, Barakah. And don’t ever leave him.’

“My heart was shattered and I began to sob and wail. The child was distressed by my wailing and began to weep. He threw himself into his mother’s arms and held tightly onto her neck. She gave one last moan and then was forever silent.”

Barakah wept. She wept bitterly. With her own hands she dug a grave in the sand and buried Aminah, moistening the grave with whatever tears were left in her heart. Barakah returned with the orphan child to Makkah and placed him in the care of his grandfather. She stayed at his house to look after him. When Abd al-Muttalib died two years later, she went with the child to the house of his uncle Abu Talib and continued to look after his needs until he was grown up and married the lady Khadijah.

Barakah then stayed with Muhammad and Khadijah in a house belonging to Khadijah. “I never left him and he never left me,” she said. One day Muhammad, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, called out to her and said: “Ya Ummah!” (He always called her “Mother”.) “Now I am a married man, and you are still unmarried. What do you think if someone should come now and ask to marry you?” Barakah looked at Muhammad and said: “I shall never leave you. Does a mother abandon her son?” Muhammad smiled and kissed her head. He looked at his wife Khadijah and said to her: “This is Barakah. This is my mother after my own mother. She is the rest of my family.” Barakah looked at the lady Khadijah who said to her: “Barakah, you have sacrificed your youth for the sake of Muhammad. Now he wants to pay back some of his obligations to you. For my sake and his, agree to be married before old age overtakes you.”
“Whom shall I marry, my lady?” asked Barakah. “There is here now Ubayd ibn Zayd from the Khazraj tribe of Yathrib. He has come to us seeking your hand in marriage. For my sake, don’t refuse.”

Barakah agreed. She married Ubayd ibn Zayd and went with him to Yathrib. There she gave birth to a son whom she called Ayman and from that time onwards people called her “Umm Ayman” the mother of Ayman.

Her marriage however did not last very long. Her husband died and she returned once more to Makkah to live with her “son” Muhammad in the house of the lady Khadijah. Living in the same household at the time were Ali ibn Abi Talib, Hind (Khadijah’s daughter by her first husband), and Zayd ibn Harithah.

Zayd was an Arab from the tribe of Kalb who was captured as a boy and brought to Makkah to be sold in the slave market. He was bought by Khadijah’s nephew and put in her service. In Khadijah’s household, Zayd became attached to Muhammad and devoted himself to his service. Their relationship was like that of a son to a father. Indeed when Zayd’s father came to Makkah in search of him, Zayd was given the choice by Muhammad of either going with his father or staying with him. Zayd’s reply to his father was:

“I shall never leave this man. He has treated me nobly, as a father would treat his son. Not a single day have I felt that I am a slave. He has looked after me well. He is kind and loving towards me and strives for my enjoyment and happiness. He is the most noble of men and the greatest person in creation. How can I leave him and go with you?…I shall never leave him.”

Later, in public Muhammad proclaimed the freedom of Zayd. However, Zayd continued to live with him as part of his household and devoted himself to his service.

When Muhammad was blessed with prophethood, Barakah and Zayd were among the first to believe in the message he proclaimed. They bore with the early Muslims the persecution which the Quraysh meted out to them.

Barakah and Zayd performed invaluable services to the mission of the Prophet. They acted as part of an intelligence service exposing themselves to the persecution and punishment of the Quraysh and risking their lives to gain information on the plans and conspiracies of the mushrikin.

One night the mushrikun blocked off the roads leading to the House of al-Arqam where the Prophet gathered his companions regularly to instruct them in the teachings of Islam. Barakah had some urgent information from Khadijah which had to be conveyed to the Prophet. She risked her life trying to reach the House of al-Arqam. When she arrived and conveyed the message to the Prophet, he smiled and said to her:

“You are blessed, Umm Ayman. Surely you have a place in Paradise.” When Umm Ayman left, the Prophet looked at his companions and asked: “Should one of you desire to marry a woman from the people of Paradise, let him marry Umm Ayman.”

Ali the companions remained silent and did not utter a word. Umm Ayman was neither beautiful nor attractive. She was by now about fifty years old and looked rather frail. Zayd ibn al-Harithah however came forward and said:

“Messenger of Allah, I shall marry Umm Ayman. By Allah, she is better than women who have grace and beauty.”

Zayd and Umm Ayman were married and were blessed with a son whom they named Usamah. The Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, loved Usamah as his own son. Often he played with him, kissed him and fed him with his own hands. The Muslims would say: “He is the beloved son of the beloved.” From an early age Usamah distinguished himself in the service of lslam, and was later given weighty responsibilities by the Prophet.

When the Prophet migrated to Yathrib, henceforth to be known as al-Madinah, he left Umm Ayman behind in Makkah to look after certain special affairs in his household. Eventually she migrated to Madinah on her own. She made the long and difficult journey through the desert and mountainous terrain on foot. The heat was killing and sandstorms obscured the way but she persisted, borne along by her deep love and attachment for Muhammad, may God bless him and grant him peace. When she reached Madinah, her feet were sore and swollen and her face was covered with sand and dust. “Ya Umm Ayman! Ya Ummi! (O Umm Ayman! O my mother!) Indeed for you is a place in Paradise!” exclaimed the Prophet when he saw her. He wiped her face and eyes, massaged her feet and rubbed her shoulders with his kind and gentle hands.

At Madinah, Umm Ayman played her full part in the affairs of the Muslims. At Uhud she distributed water to the thirsty and tended the wounded. She accompanied the Prophet on some expeditions, to Khaybar and Hunayn for example.

Her son Ayman, a devoted companion of the Prophet was martyred at Hunayn in the eighth year after the Hijrah. Barakah’s husband, Zayd, was killed at the Battle of Mutah in Syria after a lifetime of distinguished service to the Prophet and Islam. Barakah at this time was about seventy years old and spent much of her time at home. The Prophet, accompanied by Abu Bakr and Umar often visited her and asked: “Ya Ummi! Are you well?” and she would reply: “I am well, O Messenger of Allah so long as Islam is.”

After the Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, had died, Barakah would often be found with tears in her eyes. She was once asked, “Why are you crying?” and she replied: “By Allah, I knew that the Messenger of Allah would die but I cry now because the revelation from on high has come to an end for us.”

Barakah was unique in that she was the only one who was so close to the Prophet throughout his life from birth till death. Her life was one of selfless service in the Prophet’s household. She remained deeply devoted to the person of the noble, gentle and caring Prophet. Above all, her devotion to the religion of Islam was strong and unshakable. She died during the caliphate of Uthman. Her roots were unknown but her place in Paradise was assured.

'AIN ZUBAIDAH - wanita kebanggaan Islam

Siti Zubaidah, isteri Khalifah Harun al Rasyid telah membelanjakan sebahagian besar hartanya untuk memperkuatkan kubu pertahanan dan kawasan sempadan. Jasanya dalam menampungi saluran air yang dibina dari Baghdad hinggalah ke Mekah untuk jemaah haji sehinggalah saluran air ini dikenali sebagai "Ain Zubaidah" (Mata Air Zubaidah).
Lihatlah perkataannya - apabila dibentangkan kepadanya kos perbelanjaan saluran itu, beliau telah mencampakkan bil perbelanjaan itu ke dalam sungai sambil berkata : "Kami tinggalkan hitungannya untuk Hari Perhitungan". ALLahu... ALlah..

"assalamualaikum..nama saya 'ain zubaidah bt ahmad rostam" :)

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“salam.sue (bukan nama sebenar) apa kabar?saja je anta msg ni.dgr berita anti dapat sambung master..” suatu hari saya menghantar SMS kepada seorg sahabat.

Sudah teramat lama sebenarnya saya tidak bertanya khabar sahabat saya yang seorang ini memandangkan sebelum ini beliau tidak pernah melayan SMS dari saya. Namun perkembangan dirinya tetap saya ikut secara senyap2..lalu bila sampai berita yang sue dapat menyambung kepakaran, saya mencuba nasib..tetapi saya tidaklah menaruh harapan yang tinggi..

“baik..alhamdulillah..sue sihat..a’ah..sue dapat sbg master kat KL..ija apa kaba? Tak minta master k?”

Saya amat2 terperanjat dan saya berasa amat2 gembira bila SMS saya kali itu mendapat balasan..cepat2 saya reply.. “ija macam biasa, Alhamdulillah..belum minta master lagi, bagi husband dulu..insya ALLAH mungkin next year”

“ija..sue rindula nak usrah..lama dah duk lagho..sue ingat balik KL nanti sue nak cari usrah la..ija ada contact?”

Alhamdulillah..saya memanjatkan setinggi kesyukuran kepada ALLAH swt..ya..benar seperti katanya..sue banyak berubah..jika dulu sue menjaga auratnya dengan begitu sempurna, tapi sekarang fesyen pakaian sue seolah2 sue tak pernah menerima tarbiyyah..aktiviti gerakkerja pun sue tak pernah kelihatan seperti terlibat..membuatkan saya berasa sangat susah hati dan sangat bersalah kerana merasa diri gagal mengikat sue dalam ukhuwwah jemaah..

“ija tak pasti sangat..tapi ija boleh tolong tanyakan kot-kot ada senior di sana..” lalu saya usahakan mencari contact untuk sue di sana..sampai hari ni saya kembali tidak pasti samada sue manfaatkan no telefon yang saya beri atau tidak…tetapi jauh dalam hati, saya tetap mendoakan sue..

Sampai hari ini saya terus bertanyakan diri saya..sesekali saya discuss dengan suami..apa factor seseorang itu berubah?kerja? suami? Persekitaran? Ukhuwwah tak mantop?

Sue bukan kes terpencil..malah ramai lagi..saya masih ingat seorang demi seorang sahabat-sahabat saya semasa di kampus..tetapi yang saya tahu perkembangannya hanya segelintir..yang lain ntah ke mana..saya cuba berbaik sangka, mereka tetap istiqamah dengan perjuangan di tempat masing-masing dengan cara masing-masing.

Terkilan juga di hati..bila ada di antara sahabat yang minta supaya dihubungi untuk usrah etc, tetapi bila sudah dapat dihubungi berbagai alasan diberi untuk tidak hadir setiap kali program..

Tidak kurang yang merungut..kat sinun tak der usrah..kat sinin tak der usrah..usrah asyik tak jadi..lama2 lost contact tak tau ada ke tak usrah..tapi bila diajak untuk gerakkerja..bantu dalam pilihanraya..buat program khidmat kesihatan, selamba kata tak leh join..bagi alasan tak der orang jaga anak, jaga suami, jaga ayam itik ataupun kambing..pendek kata everything under the sun dijadikan alasan..bila kita minta anjurkan usrah kat rumah dia, langsung senyap..(jauh sekali la nak mengoffer rumah sendiri, tul tak?)

Sekali lagi saya menyoal diri saya..apa tujuan kita join jemaah sebenarnya? Apa yang kita harapkan dari jemaah? Do we expect jemaah will give everything to us? Setiap kali pun mengharapkan orang SMS, telefon,e-mail kita ajak kita ke usrah, program, family day etc..tak de inisiatif dari diri sendiri untuk ambil alih peranan dari orang yang sentiasa diajak kepada orang yang menganjurkan program..mengendalikan program..takde insiatif untuk offer, jom buat usrah kat rumah saya..makan takpe saya tempah catering..

Ada juga yang boleh bagi komitmen untuk mengikut usrah jemaah lain (eg ABIM/JIM/HALUAN dsb) tetapi tak boleh bagi komitmen untuk jemaah yang dia telah berbaiah taat setia akujanji..saya tidak menghalang sahabat untuk mencari sumber alternative untuk usrah..silakan, itu lebih baik dari diri dibiarkan gersang tanpa pengisian dan peringatan, tetapi yang saya kecewa bila sahabat meremehkan komitmen terhadap jemaah yang kita sama-sama yakini dan berbaiah..

Pesan saya buat adik2 di kampus..samada anda adalah pimpinan tertinggi ataupun ahli cokia macam saya..sebaik sahaja anda keluar dari kampus, jangan harap akan ada orang2 di luar yang akan datang menyambut, memBELAI dan meMANJAkan anda bagai menatang minyak yang penuh,menawarkan atau melantik anda untuk memegang jawatan di peringkat pusat, negeri, kawasan hatta cawangan sekalipun. Ya, saya akui anda ada banyak idea2 baru yang segar untuk dibawa ke dalam jemaah tetapi sebelum anda terjerit2 minta suara anda didengari, idea anda ‘dihargai’ anda perlu sama2 turun bekerja di lapangan bersama dengan pakcik2, makcik2 penoreh, pesawah atau nelayan..SILA BUKTIKAN KOMITMEN ANDA UNTUK BEKERJA..sehingga itu, jangan ingat anda seorang graduan, kononnya anda adalah termasuk dalam golongan PROFESIONAL DOKTOR/ JURUTERA/ DENTIST/ DIETICIAN/ PHARMACIST/ PEGUAM etc orang akan dengar atau ‘pakai’ idea anda yang berapi2 itu..

Percayalah, setelah anda berjaya membuktikan komitmen anda untuk bekerja, pada ketika itu anda tidak perlu menjerit-jerit pakai mikrofon..bahkan, orang akan datang pada anda meminta sumbangan idea yang bernas dari anda..

Buat sahabat2 yang telah pun berada di luar kampus..jom, sama2 kita bangun dari lena yang panjang..jom kita sama2 lakukan sesuatu untuk menyumbang kepada ISLAM..jangan lagi kita mengharapkan sahabat2 untuk mengajak kita..sila offer diri anda kepada jemaah..jangan biarkan diri kita terus-terusan mengharapkan jemaah memanjakan dan membelai kita..jangan biarkan diri kita menjadi sebab kawan2 kita merasa bersalah kerana tak dapat mantapkan ukhuwwah dengan kita..sewajarnya diri kita sendiri yang wajib menjaga ukhuwwah yang telah kita sama2 jalin sejak zaman kampus agar tidak terurai menjadi benang yang reput..(chewah ayat sastera tuh..)

Ayuh muslimat! Infaqkan jiwa ragamu untuk ISLAM..(mungkin patut kena baca balik bahagian ke2 buku Maza ya’ni Intimai lil Islam..revise apa maksudnya menggabungkan diri dengan Harakah Islam)

Wahai para suami…relakan isteri anda menginfaqkan dirinya untuk ISLAM..bantulah dia untuk terus istiqamah..tegurlah dia jika dia mula mencuba2 untuk bergaya dengan fesyen terkini yang tidak menjaga aurat dengan sempurna..refresh semula zaman anda qitbah isteri anda samada through baitulmuslim ataupun tidak..

Wahai pasangan suami isteri yang both of you ahli jemaah, please remind yourself tujuan asal anda mendirikan baitulmuslim mawaddah warrahmah…jangan tetiba anda kona kot lain, menyimpang dan buat-buat lupa tujuan asal anda berkahwin..(kononnya kahwin sesame ahli jemaah untuk kekal istiqamah dalam gerakerja)..

Maaf di atas segala kekasaran bahasa..maaf jika ada yang berasa marah dan tidak puas hati…tujuan diri ini menulis adalah untuk mengajak dan memperingati diri sendiri dan kawan2 supaya tidak terus lena dan hanyut dibuai mimpi mainan syaitan laknatullah…



Friday, June 26, 2009



“beep!beeb!” telefon bimbit Aminah (bukan nama sebenar) berbunyi menandakan satu SMS masuk dalam inbox. Tanpa lengah Amnah pun cepat-cepat check (kot-kot la SMS dari tunang)..
“ salam. Satu program khidmat kesihatan akan diadakan di kampong Fa So La anjuran Pemuda cawangan kg Fa So La pd 7/5/2008 bermula jam 9 pg. di pohon kepada sahabat yang mempunyai kelapangan dapat hadir ke program. Sila reply sebelum 5/5/2008 kepada ana”
Aminah pun melihat pada kelendar..”hmm..hari ni dah 3/5/2008..awat la depa ni habaq lambat…macam mana aku nak pi…aku oncal..lain kali program 7hb baik 23hb baru habaq..” rungut si aminah dalam hati..
( 2bulan berlalu…)
Handset berbunyi lagi…aminah ingat tunangnya jefri (juga bukan nama sebenar) yang hantar SMS…maklum la…lagi 2 bulan lagi nak kahwin..sibuk duk discuss persiapan perkahwinan la kononnya..
“salam. Usrah muslimat akan diadakan di rumah si folan bt si folan dan suami pada 15/8/08 jam 2.15ptg. harap sahabat dapat hadir.sila reply sebelum 14/8/2008”
Aminah tengok calendar lagi…hari ni 15/7/08..hmm lagi sebulan…tapi dah plan nak pi tempah baju pengantin dengan jefri…hmmm macam mana nih…? Tak pa lah kemudian la pikir..
Pikir dan pikir campur berangan syiok nak kahwin..sibuk cari mak andam untuk mekap cantik2..cari jurugambar nak amik gambar kahwin cantik2 (leh tayang kot facebook)..aminah langsung terlupa..
(setahun pun berlalu..eh macam drama pulak)
sedar-sedar dah pun mengandung 8 bulan..sedang aminah bersukaria dengan suaminya excited nak menimang cahaya mata yang pertama…buat ultrasound 3D, specialist kata baby girl..plan dgn husband nak bagi nama Sumayyah sempena wanita pertama yang mati syahid..
“beep!beep!” isk handphone ni tak berenti berbunyi lah…kacau tul…
“salam. Usrah alumni akan diadakan pada 2/10/09 bertempat di rumah si anu bt si anu di kg pening lalat pada jam 3.00 ptg. Semua dijemput hadir.”
“alahai diorang ni…buat time2 ni..ayang dah sarat camni..tak larat la nak gi…” sungut aminah pada suami yang amat dicintainya…jefri hanya diam, no komen..timbul rasa kesian kat isteri yang sangat dicintainya juga itu yang dah sarat mengandung…


Fatimah (bukan nama sebenar) dan sahabat-sahabat berkumpul di hadapan Star Parade sebelum bergerak ke tampat program khidmat kesihatan.
“baru-baru ni ana jumpa aminah kat conference..ana nampak dia dah lain la sekarang nih…” katanya..
“lain camne tuh? Ana lama dah lost contact dengan dia..” sambut Zuraida (bukan nama sebenar)
“malas nak cakap la lain camne…nanti jadi mengumpat lak..ni untuk program ni anti tak de ajak dia ke? Dia kan duk area sini gak..?”
Zuraida terdiam seketika…dia tarik nafas panjang… “sebelum ni ana dah ajak dia banyak kali..awal-awal grad dulu, ada gak dia reply..pas tu lama-lama ana anta SMS dah tak berjawab dah..ana pun tak tahu no phone dia tu valid lagi ke atau dia dah tukaq no…”
“anti dah fed up la nih nak contact dia…?” Fatimah serkap jarang…
Zuraida tertunduk..sedih..terkilan bila terkenangkan sahabat karibnya itu… timbul juga rasa bersalah di hatinya kerana gagal mengikat aminah dalam ikatan ukhuwwah..


Sengaja saya mereka cerita pendek ala-ala cerpen yang tak de nilai sastera ni untuk kita sama-sama muhasabah..watak dalam cerita ni tak de kena mengena dengan yang hidup ataupun yang dah meninggaldunia, tetapi hakikatnya ini adalah reality yang berlaku di kalangan kita ahli jemaah yang di tarbiyyah di kampus mengikut manhaj yang sistematik..
Sesak dalam jiwa saya ni untuk mengulas situasi-situasi yang digambarkan di atas tetapi sengaja saya simpan dulu kerana saya mahu mendengar komen dari sahabat semua…

Ya Tuhan kami, janganlah Engkau palingkan hati-hati kami setelah Kau beri kami petunjuk dan hidayah..tetapkanlah hati-hati kami dalam iman dan perjuangan menegakkan agamaMu..

Monday, June 22, 2009

Al Baqarah 8-19

“Dan di antara manusia ada yang berkata: Kami telah beriman kepada Allah dan kepada hari akhirat; padahal mereka sebenarnya tidak beriman.

Mereka hendak memperdayakan Allah dan orang-orang yang beriman, padahal mereka hanya memperdaya dirinya sendiri, sedang mereka tidak menyedarinya.

Dalam hati mereka (golongan yang munafik itu) terdapat penyakit (syak dan hasad dengki), maka Allah tambahkan lagi penyakit itu kepada mereka dan mereka pula akan beroleh azab seksa yang tidak terperi sakitnya, dengan sebab mereka berdusta (dan mendustakan kebenaran).

Dan apabila dikatakan kepada mereka: Janganlah kamu membuat bencana dan kerosakan di muka bumi, mereka menjawab: Sesungguhnya kami orang-orang yang hanya membuat kebaikan.

Ketahuilah! Bahawa sesungguhnya mereka itulah orang-orang yang sebenar-benarnya membuat bencana dan kerosakan, tetapi mereka tidak menyedarinya.

Dan apabila dikatakan kepada mereka: Berimanlah kamu sebagaimana orang-orang itu telah beriman. Mereka menjawab: Patutkah kami ini beriman sebagaimana berimannya orang-orang bodoh itu? Ketahuilah! Sesungguhnya merekalah orang-orang yang bodoh, tetapi mereka tidak mengetahui (hakikat yang sebenarnya).

Dan apabila mereka bertemu dengan orang-orang yang beriman, mereka berkata: Kami telah beriman dan manakala mereka kembali kepada syaitan-syaitan mereka, mereka berkata pula: Sesungguhnya kami tetap bersama kamu, sebenarnya kami hanya memperolok-olok (akan orang-orang yang beriman).

Allah (membalas) memperolok-olok dan membiarkan mereka meraba-raba dalam kesesatan mereka (yang melampaui batas itu).

Mereka itulah orang-orang yang membeli kesesatan dengan meninggalkan petunjuk; maka tiadalah beruntung perniagaan mereka dan tidak pula mereka beroleh petunjuk hidayat.

Perbandingan hal mereka (golongan yang munafik itu) samalah seperti orang yang menyalakan api; apabila api itu menerangi sekelilingnya, (tiba-tiba) Allah hilangkan cahaya (yang menerangi) mereka dan dibiarkannya mereka dalam gelap-gelita, tidak dapat melihat (sesuatu pun).
Mereka (seolah-olah orang yang) pekak, bisu dan buta; dengan keadaan itu mereka tidak dapat kembali (kepada kebenaran).

Atau (bandingannya) seperti (orang-orang yang ditimpa) hujan lebat dari langit, bersama dengan gelap-gelita dan guruh serta kilat; mereka menyumbat jarinya ke dalam telinga masing-masing dari mendengar suara petir, kerana mereka takut mati. (Masakan mereka boleh terlepas), sedang (pengetahuan dan kekuasaan) Allah meliputi orang-orang yang kafir itu.”

Sunday, June 14, 2009



Lautan yang bergelora itu..
Ya..lautan yang bergelora itu sememamngnya bisa melemaskan manusia..

Saya dalam perjalanan ke langkawi menaiki feri Alaf Baru.. saya bersyukur dalam feri tersebut Allah menempatkan saya di bahagian hadapan feri bersebelahan tingkap, betul-betul berdekatan dengan lautan.. hajat di hati pada awalnya saya hanya mahu melelapkan mata di dalam feri memandangkan malam sebelum itu saya kurang tidur..:) tetapi entah kenapa mata tidak mahu lelap..saya leka memerhatikan laut yang bergelora itu..:)

Betapa besarnya kuasa Allah menciptakan lautan itu..geloranya juga bisa menenangkan fikiran insan yang berserabut dengan 1001 macam permasalahan dunia..

Ya sungguh..saya amat tenang memerhatikan ombak di sepanjang perjalanan itu…somehow, fikiran saya betul-betul kosong..kalaupun ada keserabutan, ia seolah-olah dibawa pergi bersama dengan ombak itu..
Perjalanan hidup melebihi suku abad ini diimbas kembali..

Sejak dari kecil saya dididik mengenal ALLAH..saya di ajar solat dan mengenal Al-Quran..saya menurut arahan mak dan ayah saya sebagaimana anak-anak lain menurut kata ibu dan ayah mereka (walaupun ada juga sesekali nakal menjengah..)

Dari darjah 1 sehingga saya lulus dengan baik dalam SPM, niat saya pada ketika itu hanyalah semata-mata untuk diri sendiri..saya mahu jadi pandai sebab saya mahu kerja besar, rumah besar, kereta besar..saya tidak mahu hidup dalam keadaan susah dan miskin..saya mahu jadi pandai sebab mak dan ayah saya mahu saya jadi pandai..saya belajar rajin-rajin ( tak la rajin sangat pun…) sebab saya mahu berjaya seperti kakak dan abang saya..hanya itu….

Saya hanya betul-betul mengetahui tujuan Allah melahirkan saya di dunia ini hanyalah setelah saya menjejak ke alam universiti..syukur, Allah melorongkan saya untuk menjinakkan diri dengan usrah..syukur, Allah melorongkan hati saya untuk mengenal jemaah..syukur saya yang tak terhingga kepada Allah kerana mengurniakan kepada saya nikmat berjemaah…

Kini saya sedar saya hidup bukan semata-mata hanya untuk diri sendiri..

Saya dilahirkan untuk menyerah diri kepadaNya..saya dilahirkan untuk menjadi HAMBA kepadaNya.. ALLAH mentakdirkan saya menjadi seorang doktor bukan semata-mata untuk membantu insan lain.. tetapi yang lebih utama ialah membantu agamaNya..

Lautan yang bergelora itu
Bisa menenggelamkan insan dan melemaskannya…
Menghanyutkan jasad hingga ke tepian pantai..
atau mungkin juga terus berkubur di dasar lautan itu..
begitu juga gelora kehidupan dunia..
bisa menenggelamkan insan yang alpa..
yang lupa asal usul kejadian..
yang cuba menafikan tujuan dia melayari kehidupan..
malang jika dia terus tenggelam dan akhirnya lemas
dengan kemewahan palsu bernama dunia..
bernasib baik jika dia kembali sedar..
berpaut di kekayu..
kembali ke pesisir pantai..
di beri peluang kedua untuk kembali menebarkan layar kehidupan
bijak dan beruntunglah dia,
sekiranya dalam pelayaran itu
sempat ia mencari bekal bersumberkan dari lautan
menuju kehidupan hakiki di akhirat…

14 jun 2009

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

pengajaran dari cerita RAMBO (????)


tajuk entry kali ini mungkin kedengarannya macam pelik...

semalam saya menaiki feri dari kuala kedah ke langkawi..seperti kebiasaannya krew feri akan menayangkan filem sepanjang perjalanan tersebut..dan semalam, krew feri menayangkan filem RAMBO...hmm..saya pasti anda semua yang segenerasi dengan saya atau lebih "lama" pasti akan ingat dengan dengan filem RAMBO lakonan silvester stallone ini..

kebiasaannya saya amat tidak meminati filem bercorak aksi ganas e.g perang dsb..begitu juga kali ini..peringkat awal filem ini saya langsung tidak berniat untuk menonton walaupun skrin tv betul-betul di hadapan muka saya!!! saya lebih tenang dan damai melayan ombak..jiwang le sekejap...

tiba-tiba bila sampai ke satu adegan tentera vietnam menyerang perkampungan orang awam dengan mortar, bom, senapang (machine gun kot?) dan sebagainya ALLAH menggerakkan mata dan hati saya untuk menonton filem itu..ditunjukkan dengan jelas manusia terkena tembakan dan hancur tubuhnya, putus kaki dan tangan, kepala tercabut dari leher dengan darah yang memercik..(penumpang di sebelah saya sudah pun memejamkan mata kerana terasa amat ngeri)..

saya terpaku dan terus menatap tanpa berkelip adegan itu yang sememangnya sangat kejam dan amat kebinatangan.ditunjukkan lagi adegan penduduk kampung tadi dipaksa berlari didalam sawah yang dilemparkan bom didalamnya..(once bom tersebut itu dipijak, tubuh pun berkecai dan bertebaran..macam altantuya kot...)

YA ALLAH...apa khabar agaknya saudaraku di PALESTIN..?

fikiran saya bukannya tertumpu pada filem tadi...tetapi adegan tadi melayangkan ingatan saya kepada saudara-saudara di Palestin..

sekejam inikah zionis terhadap mereka, malah lebih kejam lagi...

bagaimana agaknya perasaan saudara-saudara saya?

takutkah mereka?


ALLAH sudah mencabut ketakutan mereka terhadap zionis..

diganti dengan keberanian berjihad demi agama dan tanah air...

meninggalkan saya di tanah air yang masih lagi cuak

kalau-kalau terpaksa berpisah dengan keluarga...

mungkin jua ALLAH sudah buang dari hati mereka

perasaan cinta kepada nikmat dunia

diganti dengan cinta kepada mati syahid dan rindukan syurga ALLAH...

meninggalkan saya yang masih di sini

yang masih terkial-kial memburu nikmat dunia yang sementara...

ya..filem RAMBO sememangnya produk Hollywood, USA..tapi dari John Rambo itu saya belajar : LIVE FOR NOTHING OR DIE FOR SOMETHING...


Tuesday, June 9, 2009

PAS vs WOman?


gone by the day the latest muktamar in PAS and there stand our leaders who will be on the front line with ALLAH guidance towards HIS Mardhatillah. nothing to comment about the line up per se but somehow i would like to comment a few things that come from the latest muktamar.

of course our typical paper is always trying to harp to certain issue just to discredit our islamic movement and typically also at the same time they are trying to create a faction between us in the jemaah. sadly to say, many of us in this movement won't buy into this kind of filthy tactics but of course there are groups in the jemaah who will be easily 'enticed' to believe it.

the main issue that they are playing right now is the issue about women inside and outside the jemaah. the inside one of course regarding the only women our leadership. they are cowardly saying we are not pro women and not appreciating the women role in the party. the second issue is regarding one of the usul pertaining Sister In Islam (SIS). and they are also trying to put our people in a difficult situation while trying to divide us base on gender. sorry to say that i have read a few comments lately that somehow trapped with this bait.

the SIS issue for me is very clear. eventhough i'm not there during the motion being debated, the intention is clear. even Dr Lo' Lo' stand also clear to me. i'm not surprise by the stand that has been taken by Dewan Pemuda regarding the SIS issue. the intention is clearly stated there. the thing that they want to do is for us to investigate this SIS. and if it is found to be derailed from the islamic teaching of course it must be ban. this is not an issue of freedom of speech. this is about a bigger issue of someone who says that he/she is talking about islam and protecting islam but actually being the munafiq that destroying it. we dont want our people to believe in what is wrong. of course they need to be guided back if they are derailed from the islamic principle. what is wrong for us who are fighting to protect islam to make sure everyone toeing the true islamic teaching?

of course Dr Lo' Lo' are trying to convey a different approach to the same issue. we, in the islamic line is not afraid to tell differing view coz in the end we have the same objective that is for the sak of islam. i dont think there is any issue of Dr Lo' LO' and the pemuda is at the loggerhead in the issue. if that is the case, i dont think the motion will be pass as it is. our pimpinan is not a poorly educated bunch of people. they have strong knowledge in what they say and of course they have the basis in whatever they are talking. they are not just blindly toeing the line.

for me and possibly many of you outside there agree with the pemuda motion. quite sometime already SIS is doing their 'job' without anyone really want to challenge them. it is good for pemuda to start it coz the ripple effect of this will definitely touch everyone outside the circle. there will be a renewed interest in knowing what is actually behind this SIS and definitely the truth will prevailed. if SIS are right, Alhamdulillah but if they are wrong, may ALLAH give the 'bala' to all who are trying to destroying islam

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Almost a month since my last post in this blog and a lot of things happened in between. eventhough there is a lot of issues that i followed with interest but i'm retsraining myself from doing it as it is already quite sometime.

starting a new life as a student (again) since the first june. high expectation in this coming few months and of course in the coming few years. i am not the kind of person who can really sit and study but that is exactly what i need to do in order to fulfill my dreams in the next few years. many of my friend ask me what on earth am i doing choosing this field as my master programme and no one can believe my answer. the biggest drive why i choose this field is just because a dream a day before i fill up my application form.

of course a dream is a dream but i truly believe that i'm making the right choice in following this dream. why? there is another answer to that and that is istikharah. how can i be so sure? i donno..my explanation is i did the istikharah the proper way and i have that dream straight away at the same night. and that is the ultimate reason. maybe many of us will still not follow this kind of dream just like that. of course this is not a small matter because it is my future but i tell myself that there is nothing to loose.

no one can say he is destined to do certain things but you cant argue that he is not the one right? same as me. for me it is just worth it to try. to whom is better for you to ask beside ALLAH? i believe everything in our life is already written and i believe that there is no harm in trying in what you believe. simple as that

i believe in ALLAH and i believe in what HE arrange for me.

need further clarification? no need la..:)