Sunday, August 30, 2009

cow's head blunder


Kejadian protes di bangunan suk selangor berkenaan pembinaan kuil di seksyen 23 shah alam membuka pekung orang melayu betapa dangkalnya mereka dalam pengetahuan agama mereka. Membawa kepala lembu bersama untuk menunjukkan ketidakpuasan hati mereka menunjukkan kekurangan nilai cerdik dalam diri masing-masing.

Secara peribadi saya menganggap perkara ini amat memalukan kita sebagai orang islam. Percubaan untuk menghalalkan tindakan mereka dengan mengeluarkan hujah bahawa mereka ingin didengari bukan lah satu hujah yang boleh diterima akal. Apa kena mengena kepala lembu itu dengan isu kuil?
Walaupun cuba dinafikan, cuma ada satu saja kesimpulan yang boleh dilihat dari perbuatan mereka itu.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

caned or not to be caned?

Malaysia reviews beer-drinking model's sentence

AFP - Wednesday, August 26

KUALA LUMPUR (AFP) - - Malaysia said Tuesday a caning sentence handed to a Muslim model for drinking beer would be reviewed, because it was "too harsh" and could damage the nation's reputation.

Kartika Sari Dewi Shukarno, 32, was found guilty of drinking at a hotel nightclub and sentenced by a religious court last month, making her the first woman to face caning under Islamic law in Malaysia.

She won a surprise reprieve Monday when she was detained and then abruptly released by religious officials who had planned to take her to a jail where she was to undergo the thrashing.

Women, Family and Community Development Minister Shahrizat Abdul Jalil said


the issue of alcohol is again gaining momentum in recent days. Starting from the case involving the local municipal in Selangor till the latest regarding Datuk Hasan Ali statement, obviously causing a few head to turn.

I read with much interest comments from the people in the cyber space and trying to comprehend with them. however i notice that there is a lot of misunderstanding regarding the stand of islam in this issue.

first and foremost, the issue of alcohol, whether it is about consuming it or any process from picking the barley/grapes until serving the drinks is not a PAS rule. This is an Islamic guidelines for all Muslims regardless of background. In Quran and Hadith, it is clearly stated the guidelines for all Muslim. the idea that PAS is becoming arrogant and snobbish by trying to be the moral police here is definitely out of context.

this is the basic right of all Muslim to practice what Quran and the Rasulullah said. this is the basic right that other non believer should understand clearly. whether this is from PAS or not, all Muslim has the responsibility to uphold the Islamic principle and to uphold the syariah. this is not only PAS's responsibility, this is for all Muslim out there. there is no such thing of someone trying to control other person right. the rights for all the Muslim people is they are not suppose to be exposed to anything that can leads to destruction. obviously alcohol as a drink can only leads to one thing that is destruction of the people mind and morality. one or two benefits can not justify the use of it in a Muslim.

the rule pertaining alcohol comes from the syariah and not from the people. the people must uphold it especially the leader in the community. this is responsibility of the leader towards his people and he has no other choice except embracing it to uphold the principle. we, in Islam believe that every single one of us has the responsibility to take care other muslim. how can we do it? using the syariah as the guidelines is the only way.

do we think the PAS leader will back down with the threat that they will never get the approval from the non muslim? i doubt it. because this people care more about their afterlife rather than the other approval.

for all the non muslim out there. there is nothing for you all to afraid of. syariah is only for Muslim and will never be applied to others without their approval. syariah is a deterrant law and punishment is not actually the main aim. isn't that better a life without this intoxicating drinks? i don't think that anyone will die because of starvation, hunger or extreme thirst without alcohol in their life. i extremely believe anything from the syariah is just and fair for all. the only problem is most of us are to secular minded to think that many things in life can be guided by religion. and the religion is from God

please..this is the muslim basic right. please give us the chance to uphold laws for muslim in the country. let us try first for the muslim and if you like it, we can also apply it to you.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


yes. another opportunity for all of us out there to contribute something for our beloved religion. maybe many of you outside there can not agree with this but what ever it is, everything or anything that we do daily is for the sake of redha from Allah. ridiculous as it sound, many of the people outside there truly believe that contributing something in this election is also means contributing something for his religion. working to make sure that the one with the syariah aspiration in their mind to win this can be consider as something noble for many of the people out there.

of course there is a lot of the people think this is only about politics and nothing to do about your faith but surely there is nothing in the world that we can say faith is out of equation. islam is the way of life. therefore, everything that we do can not run from Islam. no one can say that i do this or that without any relation with religion. that is ridiculous. secular thinker out there may think so but not me and many other ordinary guy out there.

so all the guys out there who will go down and wok their socks off in this election period, i bit you all good luck and may Allah will always be with you.


Tuesday, August 11, 2009


MR JEFF OOI here we go again.. another guy is just labeling everyone that is talking about syariah is an extremist. he is not the only and this is not a one off story. the intensity of the statement from this guy should be consider massive as he is one of the leader in our country and to be specific: Penang. i'm almost fainted when this guy declaring in a statement that jemaah islah malaysia (JIM) is an extremist group after what he considered as evidence by the statement in the JIM website declaring that they are planning to achieve a syariah country status in 2020. i beg your pardon. from where this guy actually come from? generalizing everyone like that is very irresponsible act by a man that is supposed to speak by facts. of course this is the tip of an iceberg. obviously there is an Islamophobia thinking in our own country. he refused to learn to know what is actually syariah stand about and yet just calling everyone as an extremist. madness. there must be many more jeff ooi's around in the country. who is the culprit who instill this kind of thinking in our people? must be someone very near and very powerful. anyone could guest that, i think. i feel ashamed because of his statement. i strongly agree with any move that asking him to retract his statement and at the same time teach him what is syariah all about. i don't like people act like a coward just to make sure he gets what he want. his act for not apologizing is just worsening the condition. he must retract the statement. i can rationalize this if he acts due to his stupidity and lack of knowledge about islam but he must be more responsible in future
umno where are you? why don't you joint together to condemn his statement that nears insult towards islam? i doubt it...

Sunday, August 2, 2009


assalamualaikum.. i had one whole day googling and surfing the net..
relating to MANSUH 1 ogos..seems that many Malaysians still do not really know what is ISA..or..even if they know, they do not think ISA is related to them..

i have no intention to explain what is ISA here..but i would like to urge those who against the rally, who think the rally is stupid and make your life miserable..(causing you to be trapped in a traffic jam or whatever) please go and look out what ISA is and what miserable thing ISA has caused to those detainees, their wives and children for the past i say 50 years?..

(change language)

Maha Suci ALLAH dari sifat zalim, di padang mahsyar setiap makhluk diberi peluang untuk dibicarakan..(walaupun dah confirm makhluk tu sejahat2 makhluk di muka bumi)
bukti-bukti samada kebaikan atau kesalahan dikemukakan dengan jelas dengan mata, telinga, tangan, kaki, perut, rambut dan segenap anggota badan ini menjadi saksi yang sebenar2 saksi..bukan saksi yang dipaksa memberi keterangan palsu atau saksi yang boleh disogok dengan wang atau rasuah..

sekiranya ALLAH Raja segala Kerajaan bumi dan langit pun bersifat Maha Adil dalam menjatuhkan hukuman kepada makhluknya, bagaimana mungkin manusia yang sifatnya hina di sisi ALLAH swt berhak menjatuhkan hukuman ke atas insan lain yang belum dibuktikan bersalah, tanpa perbicaraan dan sebagainya?

anda boleh mengatakan bahawa demonstrasi serupa itu menyebabkan jadual harian anda terganggu..anda terperangkap dalam kesesakan lalulintas dan anda mungkin berisiko untuk dijangkiti H1N1 dan seribu satu alasan lain..ia kerana anda tidak merasakan ISA itu ada kena mengena dengan anda..bukan suami anda yang ditahan selama 7 tahun ( dan tidak tahu berapa lama lagi akan merengkok di kem kamunting), bukan anak, abang, adik,emak, ayah anda..tetapi orang lain yang anda langsung tidak kenal..
lalu kenapa anda perlu menyesakkan diri anda bersama-sama dengan orang-orang yang berhimpun itu?

tolonglah...ISA tidak ada kena mengena dengan saya mahupun anda..tetapi saya merayu tolonglah menjadi lebih sensitif dengan mereka-mereka yang menjadi mangsa ISA..kalaupun anda tidak menghadiri perhimpunan serupa itu, kalaupun anda tidak menyukai perhimpunan serupa itu, kalaupun anda tidak suka menyahut seruan untuk memakai baju hitam/merah semasa keluar rumah (walau di mana anda berada) sempena perhimpunan itu...TOLONGLAH jangan mengutuk mereka yang berhimpun menyatakan bantahan terhadap ISA..

tolonglah sensitif dengan suasana di sekeliling anda..tolonglah peka dengan perkembangan negara kita..tolonglah prihatin dengan nasib ISLAM yang diinjak-injak oleh oleh orang-orang yang mengaku muslim itu sendiri...
jangan hanya leka menonton rancangan kegemaran, mendengar lagu kegemaran, membuang masa dengan shopping yang anda anggap 'terapi'..

ini rayuan hati saya...