Monday, February 27, 2012


Once again The Star embroiled in another controversy with their insensitivity towards the majority Muslim in the country. This is not the first time and I would say that this thing will happen again and again in the future. Even though they try once again to cover their fault with another apology, it is very difficult to except as somehow, I think that they are not that sincere to be more sensitive towards the Muslim. Not to say that I want them to follow our religious tenets and laws but the only thing that we want is just a sincere sensitivity towards our religion and so do us towards theirs'.

Today, they come out with a promotional news about one of the artist from the west with a tattooed body. It is very unfortunate for them to ignore the very fact that this lady is having Allah's name tattooed on her body, exposing her body like that and along the way humiliating the name of our God. It is very unfortunate to find this in a paper that is supposed to have the most sensitive people in the country as we know that they are in the same team who govern the country for the past 50 odd years.

Where is their common sense? Is this something for a joke? What happen to them? Previously, they come out to promote a non halal food provider and label them as halal even though it is very clear the supposed halal place is actually selling pork in their menu. I don't mind they sell pork but to promote it to Muslim that is another story all together. DO anyone remember when one of their managing editor talking bad about Islamic law?

Obviously this kind of insensitive news and comments actually portray their master's stand about Islam and it is very unfortunate. I feel very sad that we have a team that is part of the governing party who is not alert and sensitive to our simple needs. They are talking about Muslim that is not sensitive but for me they are also the same. I still remember clearly when the party president told the reporters that he does not bother about what Islamic norm is all about. He even tell us indirectly that there is nothing great to know us more. Mind you, this come from a leader who supposed to be more than sensitive.

I can't imagine how actually his followers think about Islam when the leader thinks that way. This is the very reason that they are not fit to be part of the government and would say that I will never vote for them because of all this. Would I say that on top of their racist stand, I can vaguely smell that they are also anti Islam. If they are allow to continue to share the government, I would say that more and more statements, news, stands that is very negative towards my religion.

I believe that there is no place for extremist like them in our country and I would say that I am more convince that this leader and the whole team should be put in museum rather than allowing them to continue to desecrate the sanctity of my religion and more.