Wednesday, August 11, 2010



Ramadhan comes again into our life with a lot of opportunities and a lot of advantages that we will never get in other months. Such a special months that Allah gives to us just to multiply the 'pahala' in whatever good deeds that we want to do and will do. A chance for us to give the best and make sure this is better than the previous years.

Ramadhan is just like a marathon of 30 days. For many of us out there it is a marathon that they are really waiting for and look for. Mentally and spiritually prepare to give the best for Allah with the high hopes of Allah will give them more in the afterlife. 30 days is too short for them to do everything and they pray that it will go slowly and smoothly so then they can do as many good things as possible. They pray that Allah will give them time to so everything and He will never take them just yet. They miss Ramadhan so much that they cry happily when it comes and mourn when it goes. Such a fortunate group of people indeed as Allah choose them to have this kind of feelings.

While another group is just dragging themselves into this month. Still try to do whatever things that they can do even though it is tough spiritually. They are not that strong but just trying. They like Ramadhan to come but at the same time hopes that it will go faster. They are just like a reluctant camper whom are not really mind to go all the activities but more happy if it is not there in the first place. They have the discipline but not the motivation. For them it is just a routine things that they need to do and go through fast.

The third group, is the one who will just do the minimum. Only the compulsary. No time to do other things and more concern about the month of Syawal. They are preoccupied with all the preparation for the Syawal and save everything for the biggest occasion for them. They are very happy if the month can go faster. They happily doing the countdowns to the first Syawal and spending all they can to satisfy their greed to be seen as the best when come the day. They spend without thinking when preparing for the iftar and most of the time will definitely leads to wasting. Their lust outdo their fasting and nothing can stop them.

And the worst of course a group who don't even care about the month. They hate it because it stop them from many things. They don't even care to do what should they do and will try to maneuver in whatever way to avoid doing things that they should do.

So, where are we?