Monday, October 31, 2011


1 of the many issues nowadays are the Elton John issue. For many, it does not cause any furore let alone any problem to any people. Majority of them don't even know about his coming and obviously don't even care. But for whom who care, this is quiet a substantial issue.

Everyone who know Elton John will also know that he is a gay. Do I care, not really because he is not Muslim and I don't really care what they want to do in their life because my religion can't restrict those who are not a believer. I can't force them to except and practice what is right for us because our religion is only for us who believe and not for the others.

What is the point of forcing them to believe what we believe except we will only tarnish our own religion.

Having said that, we also have the right to tell the world what we believe in. We also have the right to state our opinion because I do believe that everyone believe in freedom of speech. Our's will definitely seen as against the believe that Elton John hold and possibly thousands of Malaysian who practice homosexuality because our religion say so.

When we tell everyone that we are against anything that they do, it does not mean that everyone must accept it by force. We are a democratic country right? So it just right for us to tell what we think and it is up to the people to except it or not.

In Islam, we can not condone any wrongdoing let alone allowing someone who is seen as the symbol of homosexuality like him given the kind of publicity and treatment that we think he is worth the publicity. He can be the greatest artist in the world but something that wrong in the eye of our religion can't be allow to just coming by and give the limelight.

However, it is just an opinion for a people like me and maybe a substantial amount of people in Malaysia. He just come here to entertain people and we have nothing against it for anyone to go with the exception for Muslim. Obviously, I would say that we should discourage the Muslim from attending the concert but still, we can't force them not to go if they want to.

This is about an opinion of the people that love their religion and who believe that by airing their opinion will enlightened the people who are ignorant of the issue. We believe in the freedom of all religion and we believe there is nothing wrong for us to state what we think are right. It is up to the people to except it or not. No force.

Don't suddenly say that we are just like Taliban because we never have the intention to be harsh, disrespectful or unfair to any one of you out there. We are just preaching what we think is right like what you do.

Sunday, October 30, 2011