Tuesday, May 10, 2011


The terrible music of the nationalist once again bombarding our ears and mind lately. Whether we like it or not it is the sound of ever nearing election day in our beloved country. Issues have been manipulated, sensationalized and exaggerated in order to create the inner fears of many Malaysian particularly the Malays. Whether it is about the survival of the Malays or the perceived threat to their religion, the world of information are currently being used to the maximum to create the delusional state of mind in many Malays.

Most of us have already heard about the same kind of rhetoric in many BTN courses since our young age. No one can deny that the many issues pertaining the race and the religion are actually the same that we hear during the BTN courses except that it is currently being played in a larger scale without any effort to hide it from the others who will be terribly offended with all kinds of allegations and lies that have been thrown upon them.

I still vividly remember how they tell us that the Malays will turn into slave and homeless in their own country if other race rule the country. I still remember that there is no other choice for us except that we need to stick with the nationalist party or we will be vanquish. I still can hear their theories of multiple conspiracies that are running in the country just to make sure the Malays will be defeated and comfortably repress by others. The uncanny similarities between all those theories from BTN and the current issues in the papers make me realized that this is the act of desperation for those in power.

Obviously, they will win hands down with the people who don't have the opportunities to clarify all those allegations as the unfair ways of distributing info in the country will only end up whoever control the mass media will control the way people think. The fear, the anger, the racist spirit and the delusions will all be pumped up in one go everyday without fail to make sure that the people will be thoroughly 'hypnotized' with their propaganda.

Whatever argument that the other people have will only be circulated among the people who choose to read more and have the access to other source of information. All the power are with them and they will make sure nothing will be able to arrive to the mass except whatever rhetorics that they have.

It is disgusting to think that they end up playing the same racial and religious cards but the tried and tested ways of dealing things with the rural and the underprivileged have always win them votes at the end of the day. Fairness will never be entertain in their ball games. There are only one rule and it is theirs'. Do they worry about the consequences? Not a bit as they know as long as they are in power they can invoke whatever kind of rules to make sure the others will be effectively shut off.

All other opinions, clarifications, fears and whatnots will definitely be thrown into the rubbish bin in order to make sure only theirs will be heard. At the same time they demonized the others as the Malay traitors, the dirty one man party and the Malay NO.1 enemy. They will portrayed the other as bad as possible to undermine their voices and their aspiration. They will try everything to discredit them in whatever ways they fancy.

There are no one else to be given the trust except them and if not, Malays are doom. No one will fancy this especially the underprivileged as they taught to believe that they can only survive if only those people are in power and they have no trust to the others whatsoever as most of the time they only knows all the perceived bad things as pictured by those in power. These unfortunate people are left to believe that there is no way out for them except with this nationalist parties. Will they dare to change with the kind of information that they receive everyday from the paper and TV channel like RTM,TV3 and Utusan? Unfortunately I will say a definitive know.

But, should we try to treat this delusion with all the might we have? I will definitely say it with a determined yes.