Wednesday, October 28, 2009

stressful, stretched but not strained

salam stressful it is always stressful to be away from your love one in whatever sense. difficult to run away from the longing feeling towards them and always make you feel that it is not worth to be away from them. stressful coz you know that you don't have much choice to turn to and stressful because you are unable to choose. stressful because to be someone like you, you need to do this how hard you try not to. stressful coz how on earth someone like can even make the decision not to be away from them. is it because to be more successful you need to endure this feeling again and again? it is stressful day and night coz you miss them all the time. it is stressful coz you know they miss you to and you can't make them happy coz you are not there. it is stressful because their picture can't help cool the feeling and can't help the feeling of missing them more and more.

coz the the feeling make you feel that sort of they don't need you. stretched because both of you love each other so much and it breaks your heart. stretched because the relationship is tested again and again with the stress and the love. stretched because everyday you need to endure the same feeling again and again and sometime make you feel like quitting. stretched because because the feeling make you feel grumpy all day long. and you wonder where is the limit.

not strained
yes..because you know that you love them so much and they love you more than what you can imagine

happy ending then

Monday, October 26, 2009

buck up or go bust

Of course this entry is truly dedicated to the current headache in the PAS inner circle, supporters and sympathizers. Obviously, the one who is grinning from ear to ear right now is anyone who is against PAS and their aspiration.

Tuan Guru Nik Aziz suddenly come out with a renewed attack on the same old issues of the much talked pro-UMNO circle in the PAS camp that makes a lot of us stop and start to ponder how this will end after how many rounds of the same issue. Obviously, when TGNA keep on harping with the same issue give us the clear picture that we suspected it for so long: this issue is still not settled and still simmering down there waiting the correct time to explode again. so..what is actually settle then?

Sunday, October 18, 2009


Islam is the only way of life and it will always be that way.

While we are suppressed throughout the world by unfair circumstances, we will always believe that we will be the victor in the world and the world after. Sad to hear the news of our brother in Palestine that is treated like an animal since years back and no one able to do justice for them.

This fact finding mission by the UN will definitely go nowhere in prosecuting the culprits but still will carry weight to the normal peace loving masses if not the war hungry and savage countries in the world whom are the biggest backers of this savage regime

With this I bring forward a typical war crime doing by the regime

May Allah give us the strength and patience that will make us even stronger with every passing threat and mistreatment

Killing of civilians attempting to leave their homes to walk to safer areas
The shooting of Iyad al-Samouni

Saturday, October 17, 2009


found this shocking news while going through my daily routine reading news. something that need to be follow through seriously by the government. it is something that can tarnish our global image and reduce the confidence index of the world towards our product. I hope the Proton people will swiftly change to damage controlled mode and ratify the problem once and for all.

failing in the crash test

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

anak itu terlalu istimewa..

(gambar hiasan)


dia seorang kanak-kanak lelaki berumur 9 tahun.dia tidak kenal siapa ibu dan ayah kandungnya..diambil oleh sebuah keluarga tetapi tidak dipelihara dengan sebaiknya..dulu dia boleh berjalan seperti kanak-kanak lain..tetapi entah apa dosanya dia di dera menyebabkan kakinya cacat tetapi syukur masih boleh berjalan.cukuplah dia di dera sehingga menyebabkan dia kurang upaya fizikal, dia dikurung dan di beri makan bagaikan seekor kucing..tidak pernah didedahkan dengan apa-apa yang bercorak pendidikan..sudah berumur sembilan tahun, jangankan membaca, warna pun dia tak kenal..

Monday, October 12, 2009


“A military commander’s obligation does not end with avoiding harm to the lives and the dignity of the local residents, a “negative obligation”, but his obligation is also “positive”- he must protect the lives and dignity of the residents, within the constraints of the time and place….” Justice Barak (HCJ 764/04)

“As long as Israel has control of the transfer of necessities and the supply of humanitarian needs to the Gaza Strip, it is bound by the obligations of international humanitarian law to allow the civilian population to have access, inter alia, to medical facilities, food and water, as well as additional humanitarian items”. Justice Beinisch (HCJ 201/09)


I chanced upon a report of a fact finding mission by the United Nation. It is a very long report in two parts and consist of a thorough assessment of the consequences of the military operation by the Israel during the period of December 2008 till January 2009. Even though the mission didn't get the cooperation of the Israel government but it still able to gauge a very important findings from there. A very good report for us to read and to try to feel the suffering of our beloved Muslim brothers there and the suffering of the humankind at the hand of the man madness. I would like to highlight a section of the long report for all of us to read.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


I have just finish reading a book that i recently buy: Hulagu khan; Khabar Hitam dari Timur. I read it in around 2hours time as the book is actually quite simple and entertaining. It is written by my wife's favorite writer: Abdul Latip Talib and this is the latest book in his book series that we buy.

What is interesting?
Well..if you want to know in depth, you need to buy it but i would like to conclude a few things in the book that worth sharing. It is about the vicious attack of the Mongolian army towards the Abbasiyah empire. As we all know, Muslim finally won the war with the help of Allah in the infamous battle of Ain Jalut.

Thursday, October 1, 2009



Mungkin ramai antara kita yang pernah terdengar berkenaan perkara ini namun mungkin ramai juga antara kita yang masih kurang jelas apakah ia sebenarnya. Sibling’s rivalry bukanlah sesuatu perkara baru dalam sejarah manusia. Di dalam Al Quran juga ada menyatakan contoh-contoh berlakunya perkara ini semenjak zaman nabi Adam lagi. Mungkin kita masih ingat kisah Habil dan saudaranya Qabil di mana ketidakpuasan hati seorang saudara sedarah sedaging menyebabkan kematian Habil. Begitu juga kisah Nabi Yusuf yang dibuang oleh abang-abangnya hanya kerana cemburu.

Perkara ini bukanlah