Tuesday, July 6, 2010



Have you ever meet or come across with suggestively very young adolescents with typical skull caps or a songkok and typically young girl with tudung anywhere in rest area along the highway or petrol station or in front of the bank? With the same typical sling bags and rolls of calenders or ointment? With the same lines of 'salam encik, kami dari sekolah anak yatim bla bla bla..nak minta sumbangan ikhlas bla bla bla n bla bla bla?

Typical isn't it? Anywhere in Malaysia. Children from orphanage home come to you seeking your sympathy and a small token of helps with the typical same products as and exchange for the money that you give them? Have you ever notice that they are all very very young child just starting their adolescent life and put as the front line for their unfortunate condition of being an orphan? Have you ever notice the typical shyness, frustrated faces of being rejected again and again and the tiredness in their face?

Have you ever try to be in their shoes, trying to beg for help from unknown publics for the purpose of their own sake? Have you ever imagine how this small children feel to be there 'begging'? Have you ever think how on earth they end there regardless whether under the hot sun, crowded places at night? Have you ever notice that they are almost always standing and 'begging' anyone that they have the chance to do it? Have you ever think that they are not suppose to be there in the first place and they should not be given that kind of treatment?

Have something cross into your mind what actually happen here? Have you ever think that they are actually suffering there? Have you ever know what is in their guardian's mind when sending this children into the street? Have you ever think what happen to our welfare system causing this young children 'begging' outside there?

What happen actually? Can anyone enlightened me and ease the pain seeing this young child outside there?