Monday, February 21, 2011


Still 'feel' for this song for all the years



Like it or not. Agree or disagree. Hate it? Love it. We should say congratulation to our current PM due to his effort to engage with the rakyat through the web world. Whether it is Facebook, Twitter, Blog, Email or whatever, he is spot on and use it to his advantages. His personal PR consultant (read Apco) has done a tremendous job in this by consulting our PM the best way to win the rakyat back.

Mind you, it is a million dollar contract for this consultant firm and it totally worth it at least for the image of the current PM if not for the country. Whatever complaints that we have on how the money was wasted for a PR stunt, it really work for the current government. Look at the approval rating for the PM and we should say he has more than half of the country behind him right now and mind you, it will continually improving. Despite the critics about 1Malaysia that does not seem to be true to the meaning and spirit, he did well in distancing himself from the general wave from his own camp that work against the 1Malaysia spirit.

His consultant knows that the way to engage with the youth is through the web and he use it to the fullest. Even though many of us are skeptical about who actually mind all the web account but don't forget, there are many who buy to the idea that he really do it all by himself despite his crazy work schedule which will make you unable to sleep all the night if you do it alone. He already admitted that he did all this by his own without helpers. A superman job by any means.

And don't forget his well managed 'kenduri's with his internet friends and all of us know what a big impact it can be.

So congratulation again.

The rakyat happy with him and all the effort by the media now is always trying to promote him as the true PM to everyone. He don't to do all the dirty things by himself. He has legion of followers who will do all the dirty talks. Whether you are talking about his deputy, NGOs who 'fight' for the Malay supremacy, BTN, past PM and medias are all doing the job for him indirectly but efficiently. Through this tactics, he can cover the non Malays and the others will make sure the Malays will come back to him. Clever? Should I say fantastic?

Even though he still unable to get the significant approval from the Chinese, but with at least 5% improvement from the Malays, I should say, he don't really need the Chinese vote anymore for the moment. Mind you, he also has the Indian votes currently in his bag. Happy? It is totally different from the year 1999 when the Malay ran from the UMNO and the BN during that time focussed on the Chinese and they win it big.

Not to mention with all the projects that he thrown whenever there is snap election, people see it in front of their eyes and no one can deny it. Can PR do it? No way without the help from the government agencies and the moneys from the country's coffer. He don't BN money to do all the campaign, everything are there to be use by them.

All this proxies are currently use to the maximum and it is fruitful. He is really a headache for the opposition. Issues that thrown upon him don't seem to be working and easily flushed out and forgotten except for the hardcore. Money wasted left and right not even notice by the majority of the rakyat except for the handful of them who reads.

Are the rakyat too stupid? Many think this is what we call as pragmatic. A vote for some one who seem to be working and portray to be just like that is common sense. And I should say (disregard my political stand) a resounding yes.

So a big comeback for our traditional ruling party in election to come? Reluctantly I should say yes for the moment. Am I happy? Yes I am always happy because I thing I am on the safe side right now that is: Islam. Will I change my allegiance? Should I put it this way: My life is not about roads, buildings, mega projects or fantastic PR stunt. Islam is holistic and I stick to that.

Saturday, February 5, 2011