Sunday, September 26, 2010



Wahai orang-orang yang beriman! Jika seseorang yang fasik datang kepadamu membawa suatu berita, maka telitilah kebenarannya, agar kamu tidak mencelakakan suatu kaum kerana kebodohan yang akhirnya kamu menyesali perbuatanmu itu

Mari kita sama-sama renungkan dalam kehidupan seharian kita. Berapa banyakkah berita-berita yang tidak benar, separa benar, fitnah dan sebagainya berlegar-legar di sekeliling kami. Berapa banyakkah antara berita-berita itu kita terima bulat-bulat tanpa ada inisiatif mencari kebenarannya dan akhirnya kita dibodohkan oleh orang-orang yang ingin kita sentiasa dalam keadaan bodoh. Terbiasa dengan budaya hidup 'disuap' dengan maklumat, kita membiarkan diri kita diperkotak-katik dan diperbodoh tanpa ada keinginan untuk berubah. Terlalu selesa dengan budaya 'disuap' ini sehingga kita menafikan hak orang-orang yang teraniaya dengan cerita-cerita tipu oleh si keji yang tidak beradab.

Bukankah Allah telah memperingatkan kita dengan sepotong ayat di atas betapa pentingnya kita menyelidiki setiap maklumat yang kita terima? Bukankah itu adalah hak kita untuk sentiasa menerima maklumat yang benar agar tidak terjebak melakukan dosa menyebarkan fitnah dan menganiaya orang lain? Selesakah kita dengan budaya percaya bulat-bulat dengan apa yang diterima? Sedangkan budaya inilah sebenarnya menjahanamkan kita dan agama kita.

Sudikah kita diperbodoh-bodohkan oleh pencacai pemecah umat seagama yang sememangnya berfungsi sebagai perosak untuk kepentingan diri dan orang-orang yang ingin 'dikipas'nya. Sudah sekian lama kita membiarkan diri kita ini alpa dengan peringatan Allah di atas. Sudah sampai masanya agar kita lebih rajin mencari kebenaran lebih-lebih lagi dalam keadaan dunia kita sekarang di mana ia dipenuhi dengan manusia-manusia yang bertuhankan nafsu dan kepentingan.

Kita harus sedar, kejahilan dan sikap sambil lewa kitalah yang menjadikan kita lemah dan bodoh. Kerana inilah kita terus bergaduh, berlawan dan berpecah tanpa sebab. Kita terlalu jauh dengan Allah. Kita terlalu jauh dari peringatannya. Satu ayat inipun kita tidak mampu laksanakan dengan baik sedangkan hanya satu ayat ini pun kita mampu melakukan perubahan yang amat besar. Betapa ruginya kita yang jauh dari peringatan-peringatan Allah ini.

Kita harus renung ayat ini sungguh-sungguh. Jangan biarkan diri kita ditipu si fasik, si munafik, si kafir yang memusuhi dan ramai lagi. Peluang kita terbentang di hadapan untuk mencari kebenaran. Kita bukan hidup di zaman batu atau zaman dulu di mana maklumat sukar dan jauh. Maklumat cuma di hujung jari . Susah sangatkah bagi kita mengangkat jari ini untuk mencari kebenaran?

Tepuk dada tanya iman

Monday, September 20, 2010



I found a very interesting facts that I think should be shared with all of you outside there for the sake of justice in the mentally ill patient who are currently on treatment. It is a fact that is base on a thorough study of thousands of mentally ill patient but nevertheless, the perception and stigma towards the mentally ill person hinder the true facts about the illness.

There are few cases in our country that involve the mentally unsound people and cases that purportedly done by unsound people but later found to be not true at all. Most of us can still recall the kindergarten case where few children were assaulted by unknown assailant that initially was thought to be done by people with unsound mind but later noted to be not true at all. Mind you that majority of the heinous crime are not done by the mentally unsound but the one with sound mind but with the heinous heart. (read Sosilawati case).

According to Malaysian Psychiatric Association president, Dr Abdul Kadir Abu Bakar, people with mental disorder had the lowest potential to commit a crime, even lower than normal people if he /she are undergoing treatment. However, anyone that is mentally il but not being sent for treatment (read: bomoh treatment only) have 4 times higher rate of committing crime than the one who receive treatment.

It is vitally important for all of us to know that mentally ill patient should be properly treated instead of shun them away from the society. the success rate for treated patient is 80% and almost half of the people in our country with mental illness never get the treatment due to misconception and ignorance. We have a lot of stigma in our culture and life that bring injustice to this people. Give them the chance and be more responsible to bring a brighter future for them. I am confident that we all can do this

Thursday, September 2, 2010


This entry is dedicated to the mosque incident and the racial slur incident

Its happened that for the past few months I really don't have time to sit and ponder properly whatever happened around me and let alone write about it. Many things happened which i think if I have time, I will definitely commented. It is some sort of therapy for me to ventilate it this way as many things that happen around me are just overwhelmingly difficult to just let go and let it be. Maybe nothing will happen even i write in millions of words but why not?

The last issue that comes around is one of the most worrying things that happen in Malaysia. It is actually happen almost every day but lately, even in the holiest month in Islam that majority of the people in the country observe, the intensity and frequency reaching its peak and disturbing. One way of explaining this is maybe the general election is not far away and playing the sentiment is the best way to do it.

The culture of hatred and prejudice once again become the rule of law in the mainstream and definitely most of them who use this still think that this destructive way is the best way to win again and again. Incomprehensible to think that those people can even think in the way of the extremist and have the guts to use the name of Allah to let them do whatever things they want it to be. Real politic is the way for them again and nothing is sinful or wrong in the eyes of this people who never think about the long term consequences of their action to this holy religion. I don't even care whatever happen to their organization with this kind of mindless and barbaric ways of thinking but I do care about my religion. I don't care if their organization perish because of this but I do care when people misunderstood Islam because of the things that has been done by the so called Muslim but not doing it as what Allah and the Rasulullah says.

They should stop this. Don't embarrassed and victimized others with your action. Speak with the true voice of Islam and stop mix it up with your ideology and your politics. Do the people in power, please give me the assurance that Islam is not being use as the tool of oppression because it is not the way it should be. Islam that I know is a religion of peace and freedom. The more you embrace it, the happier you are and the safer everyone around you will be. Please stop portraying the religion as you like it to be. Islam is not a tool for you to be more powerful.

If this kind of people around, Islam will always be misunderstood as religion of extremist. It will always be when people with no respect and responsible towards the religion use it to rationalize everything that they do and give different interpretation as suited to them. Islam is not to accomodate their view. They should accomodate their view according to Islam.

Are they really a true believer or just an opportunist with and extremist mindset?