Monday, August 8, 2011


I can't help but feel very sad about the latest incidence in our country involving (again) the religious authorities vs the church. This is not the first clash but it is always been a thorn in our Malaysian souls. However, I don't to comment about the alleged incidence even though I am quiet displeased with the words that have been used in the media. I should say currently it is all about speculation with a prejudice view aggravated by emotion.

I am more concern about what can be learn from this current incidence rather than talking about the issue per se. When I read a Malay newspaper about the alleged use of money to entice Muslim into becoming a murtad, I would say that this is not the first time I heard or read about it. It was the same story since I first heard it maybe 15 years ago and still the story line until now. It is about a desperate Muslims whether a single mother with small children, problematic teenagers, desperate students and many more who are really in need who get all the help from the missionaries with their very diplomatic and kind ways that end up with those people become an apostate.

It is just like a dejavu. The same theme goes round and round without end while unfortunately we, as a Muslim, more comfortable than not to blame others instead of our own self and weaknesses. We are so angry with this kind of news and blaming the missionaries of trying to entice Muslims instead trying to find out what is wrong with us and our system.

Money is one of the greatest weapon in whatever situation and it can be use and manipulate to give the edge against the others. It can cause people to betray others and it can really create havoc in ways that we can't imagine. Worst, in our current days, money become so important and so crucial way above even our own friends, relative and even religion. It is not so surprising if people says that they convert due to money as we know that for many, religion is nothing to compare with money. We can confirm it with people who do crimes and bribes.

When there are allegations toward the authorities about the difficulties of getting helps for assistance arises, we should not just brush it of without really investigate about this and rectify the said problems. If, we have done everything in our capacity and resources for those people but still they become murtad, I should say we can just forget about them as those kind of people is useless and maybe more dangerous if they still lurking as a 'Muslim'.

We should assist the underprivileged as much as possible but at the same time do not make them totally independent and become a useless Muslim. Assisting does not mean about money, there are thousands ways to help them. I strongly feel that we should check all the allegation about the so called unfriendly assisting authorities instead of just brushed it of and put the blame on the others who also are trying to disseminate their religion. Yes, we have laws that other religion can't preach to Muslim but still, it is just a law.We can't stop them if they do but we can do our level best to make sure that our Muslim brothers do not fall into the same trap that is poverty

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