Thursday, July 21, 2011


Much has been said about how the Malaysian society and particularly the Malays are divided terribly due to the differences in political ideology. It is very sad that instead of we work on the differences we end up fighting each other for the sake of our political ideas. On top of that, we are actually fighting as if there is no other things in life worth to fight for accept our ideology. We are bickering day and night about it and refuse to indulge in healthy and worthy arguments.

We longed for the others to fall and fail. We pray day and night for the others to stumble along the way instead of praying for them to be given the lights. It is very sad that we are blinded by the ideology instead of the issues behind it. We fight blindly even though the whole world knows that we are at the wrong end and we keep on fighting without rationalizing.

We try to brush of the weaknesses in our site while keep on attacking the other site even though they are right. We are very happy if they fail and we keep on going the same path of destruction in the name of our politics. We forget that we are supposed to be united for a just, happy and beautiful world together and for the sake of our religion.

We are so narrowing minded just because we are different. Our tunnel vision destroys us from day one when we choose our allegiance. We brush of all the genuine issues of our site for the sake of our narrow mindedness. We can’t allow ourselves to agree with others and we tend to choose to disagree even though we are supposed to give our full support.

We can’t allow other to disagree with us. We can’t allow them to criticize us even though they may be right. We hate them just because they are different. We are so preoccupied with our ideology and at times it is nearing blind allegiance.

We can’t afford to agree just because we are not at the same camp. We try to disagree for everything instead of communicating to each other. We are very happy if we can attack them and find their weaknesses and we fail to acknowledge their good traits. We spend our time, money and mind just to make sure the other will fail and we will succeed in whatever ways. We try not to compromise in anything.

We hate others just because they are different when the actual issues are corruption, fair and just governance, imbalance wealth and poor management. We segregated ourselves by the means of skin colors when our God says that it is one of the reasons why we should work together. We are so preoccupied with colors instead of the ideas. We let ourselves down and we let the country down by staying ignorance to the fact of why part of us not fighting the same ideology like many of you.

We are not fighting for our color because we are fighting for all the colors. We are fighting because we are Malaysian and not just because we are Malays. We fight for a just government for all like what our religion says and not because we want to pick a fight. Can you allow us to be different? Because at the end of the day we are just another human being in this world. We are no better than others just because we are Malays and so do the others. We are the same at the eyes of our God and the only different is how close we are to Him.

Will you be with us? Or you and I will continue to fight just for the sake of fighting. Can we be fair to each others? Should we be able to agree to disagree? Obviously we have the answer and hopefully have the will for the betterment of our country.

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